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Quick's Power Washing is Bloomington, Indiana's top rated pressure washing company. Don't be fooled by companies who claim to offer what we do without providing you with proof at the end of the day. Don't choose to go with companies who borrow our online portfolio without borrowing our talent and time tested proven achievements over the last 15 years. Quick's Powerwashing offers a variety of ways to beautify your home and increase it's overall value. We wash everything from top to bottom utilizing the most tried and tested methods from pressure washing with environmentally safe detergents to high volume pressure washing with low p.s.i. to clean all manner of stone, flooring, and driveways. We're your most affordable option to create and enhance your curb appeal while offering you the highest in professionalism, experience, and client retention courtesy. We don't just offer you a one time service. We offer you a way to enhance your life.


Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Residential Washing

Annual Residential Washing is one of the most easiest and secure ways to ensure that your home increases in value and decreases in structural problems. Quick's Powerwashing of Bloomington, Indiana is your first choice in residential restoration. We are soft wash processors that use ARMA and GAFF approved methods on everything from your roof to your drive. Our processes don't do damage or void warranties. Investing in our services is an investment in curb appeal. Whether you own, rent, or work in Real Estate...

Window Washing

Window Washing is a must for any home or business owner. Besides making your property look better, it enhances the amount of radiant light inside your building thus lowering the need for electrical lighting. Window frames fill with debris and can become water logged and leaky if not properly taken care of. Let us take care of them for you. We are Bloomington, Indiana's first choice in Windows!

Ice Dam Removal

During the winter months, water on your roof turns to ice and mixes with snow. If left unchecked, this clogs gutters and drains and destroys your shingles and absorbs into your home giving you a leaky roof. We have the tools and expertise to stop Ice Dams in their tracks. We are Bloomington, Indiana's first choice in roof maintenance.

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TAGS: Ice Dam Removal in Bloomington, Bedford, Ellettsville

Roof Washing

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We're not like other companies that use high pressure methods to compromise the integrity of your deck. We use high grade contractor approved strippers and sealers. Staining. Stripping. Painting. Cleaning. We do it all. The bottom line is, wood is complicated and there isn't just one type of wood or one way to clean it. We know the most innovative low pressure techniques in the industry to beautify, clean, and re-do the look and feel of your entire deck. It's not just an attachment to your home. It's property value and tangible real estate and we can increase the life of it and the overall look of it with ease.

Extend the life of your shingles, tin, and adobe. With a cleaner roof, you can keep your gutters from clogging, prolong the life of your shingles, and extend the overall life of your home. A cleaner roof has a trickle down effect that leads to cleaner gutters, cleaner siding, and ups the overall value of your home. We're the only company to offer revolutionary low pressure system washes utilizing Environmentally Safe Detergent. Take advantage today because we are Bloomington, Indiana's first choice in rof washing.

Gutter Washing

Gutters are a important part of your home's drainage and irrigation system. Clogged gutters keep your roof from ridding itself of rain water and debris, which can do everything from promote the growth of fungus to compromise the structural integrity of your home. We do gutter blow-outs, limb removal, leaf removal, and spout cleaning. We also clean and whiten gutters for aesthetics. Clean gutters ease overall maintenance and up-keep costs when you own a home and up the value of your home in general. We are Bloomington, Indiana's first choice in gutters!

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TAGS: Powerwashing Gutters in Bloomington, Bedford, Ellettsville

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We use industry standard environmentally safe chemicals that don't void the warranty on your driveway. We use the best quality sealers and strippers to re-vitalize the look of your stone, asphalt, and pavers. In just a few hours we can have your driveway looking new again. Our system is designed to flawlessly wash away years of dirt, grime, seasonal abuse, and even the toughest of automotive fluids.


It's no secret that professional masonry is expensive and that precipitation and the elements are hard on your stone, whether it be walls or landscaping. We have multiple methods for washing your stone and a variety of top of the line environmentally safe chemical agents to do so. We can do it all from Brick, Limestone, and more. We are Bloomington, Indiana's first choice in Limestone and Brick washing!

Garage Floors

Your Garage Floor is just as important as the outside of your home. For many, it's the first thing people see when they walk into your home or park their car. Vehicles, pets, and storage do a number on the average garage floor. With our soft wash methods and environmentally friendly cleaning processes we can clean, seal, and preserve the look of your garage floor with little to no mess and zero hassle.

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TAGS: Powerwashing Garage Floors in Bloomington, Bedford, Ellettsville

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