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Quick's Power Washing does more than just residential washing jobs. We specialize in structural restoration and avoid fleet washing and trucks, so we can have the time to give your business the attention it deserves. We service the greater Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas like Martinsville and Bedford, while providing a large array of options and a variety of services for business and property owners alike. We offer discounts for multiple properties and we work with property managers and owners on a daily basis. We've won multiple Angie's list awards for our super services, and we restore and maintain the look of prominent local Bloomington businesses such as Worm's Way, Jumpin' Joeys, and Hoosier Court Apartments. Seriously folks-- we clean it all, right down to the curbs, dumpster pads, and roof. We can make your windows gleam, your pavement sparkle, and your business glow. A cleaner property promotes more business within plus more building tenants, and that means more signed leases and far less hassle for you. We do all the work at an affordable price in a timely, professional, and courteous manner. We are Bloomington, Indiana's #1 ranked Powerwashing business.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti, no matter how artistic is still vandalism and at Quick's we understand the anxiety that Graffiti can cause. Our equipment can clean all types of walls and stone. Our chemical solvents are strong enough to dissolve Graffiti with relative ease while still keeping with environmentally friendly standards. Don't let a few hastily painted words and symbols hold your business or building back from it's full potential. We're here for you.

Dumpster Pads

Dumpster Pads can be a serious issue. Waste is something you'll always deal with as a property owner. It's a shared messy responsibility among yourself and your tenants and it can be highly unpredictable. Clean Dumpster Pads encourage people to throw away more trash and ensures a cleaner property for everyone involved.

Yard Debris

We're not the type of second rate business that will wash your gutters, roofs, and building structures and leave behind piles of leaves and twigs from messy gutter clean-outs. We'll police and pick-up your yard debris so we don't complicate things for your maintenance crew and grounds-keeping staff. We put the extra in extraordinary even if it means doing a little extra work.

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Your Gutters matter. They're the forefront for defending your buildings and properties from damage caused by multiple forms of precipitation and erosion that stems from it. We'll clean your gutters to a steady shine and we'll blow out those clogged down spouts so you don't have to worry about financial storms as well as seasonal storms. Clogged gutters have the potential to compromise your roof and your siding with water and mold. We'll take care of them without compromising your budget.

Gum Removal

Gum Removal is just one of our specialties. No one wants to step on a sidewalk full of chewed gum. Dirty sidewalks cause less foot traffic to the storefront of your business and to your properties. Not to mention Gum is a mecca for germs and dirt particulates. We'll keep your sidewalks looking fresh, sanitary, and safe with our eco-friendly solvents and fast cleaning solutions. There is no missed revenue when you have a clean path to your business and buildings.


Curb appeal matters. It's the first thing people see when they drive by your rentals or your business. It's the first thing people see when they contemplate spending money on your services or renting space. We'll have your curbs and sidewalks looking exempt from weather, debris, road wash, and dust in no time. A cleaner curb means people invest 40% more of their overall attention into your building and 40% more attention means more clients. Became one of our clients and see the difference today.

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High Volume Windows

We don't just do windows, but we do all windows. Windows are key to providing great ambience and lighting inside your rentals and businesses. They're also one of the most overlooked areas of washing. What you can do by hand in hours we can do in just mere minutes with fantastic results. From small apartment buildings to large commercial store fronts. We guarantee your windows will be streak free and shine as if they were just installed.

Parking Areas

Parking areas matter. Engine grease and lubricants can cause slippery walking and working surfaces. The stains alone can lower your property value significantly and decrease your overall curb appeal. From oil to antifreeze, we can clean it all. Parking lots or parking garages, we have the experience to get your automotive storage space clean at an agreeable price with chemicals that are far more safer than what your automotive engines leave behind. Let's decrease your liability and increase your value.

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TAGS: Powerwashing Parking Areas in Bloomington, Bedford, Ellettsville

Full Buildings

From the Roof to the gutters to the walkways with the windows in between. Whether it be vinyl siding or limestone and brick, we have the equipment, the tried and tested methods and the safest chemicals to wash and treat it all. Even wood isn't a problem. Let us give your buildings a total makeover from top to bottom. We can restore the look of even the most neglected buildings and have your properties looking better than ever. The more buildings and properties, the better the price. We're more than just a business. We're a choice and we're competitive.

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Quick's Powerwashing is Bloomington, Indiana's source for trusted and professional commercial cleaning. We're the top powerwashing business in the Tri-County area! We are your source for all gutters, windows, parking lots, and office exterior needs.
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