Apartment Complexes

  • Quick's Powerwashing is the major service provider in the greater Bloomington, IN area when it comes to washing Apartment Complexes

  • Quick's Powerwashing already services Wapehanie Apartments, Hidden Hills, Hoosier Courts, Campus Court, and most major developments located along Kinser Pike

Why Choose Us?

  • We use environmentally safe detergents, which are great for your tenants and their pets
  • We comprehensively clean it all-- from the sidewalks to your dumpster pads

  • We are about precision and detail, we even clean your balconies and awnings

  • We powerwash your complex from top to bottom including the gutters and the roof--and even the engine oil stains in your parking lot

The Bottom Line

Quick's Powerwashing isn't just a service. It's an investment. A cleaner, safer, and more hygienic apartment complex means more tenants, and more tenants means more revenue for you!